Angel Aura Crackle Rainbow Quartz (fire & ice quartz) Polished Standing Point (Tower) FB3219

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These very pretty polished generator points reflect  blues, pinks, yellows and green hues when the light reflects off their smooth polished surfaces.  They are especially reflective and vibrant since they are also Fire & Ice quartz. 

They are excellent quality, very clear with the beautiful fissures that you find with Fire & Ice (Crackle Quartz, Rainbow Quartz) quartz. The fissures are created by exposure to extreme heat followed by quickly cooling the quartz.  It is quite rare to find these naturally and the majority of this type of quartz is a result of this heating and cooling process.

These numerous fissures create sparkling points of light and rainbows when held in direct light and turning the piece.

You will absolutely love the  soothing colors dancing across the surface.  Angel Aura is also sometimes called Opal Aura.

"Aura" Quartz is quartz or other stones that have undergone a bonding process with precious metals such as gold, titanium, etc.

Many crystal healers believe that the bonding of these metals enhances the stones, some others do not so I always say to follow your intuition. 

Stones that do undergo the aura process usually display a "rainbow" of colors and shine, and are quite pretty.  😊

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