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Black Obsidian Cat, Totem / Spirit Animal with Velvet or Organza Drawstring Pouch; FB2295

$ 19.00

Black obsidian forms when molten lava quickly cools and is said to be a form of volcanic glass.  It shields against negativity and increases and stimulates the gift of prophecy.

It is excellent for healing and cleaning out the psyche of negative thoughts and experiences that one has accumulated during course of the day.  It helps to release one from resentment of others, fear and anger.  
It is very grounding, very healing and is also an excellent Stone of Manifestation.

The cat spirit animal reminds us to have the courage to take risks, but to take risks wisely and with much forethought. To be adventurous and to not be afraid of exploring our physical world or our connection with the realms above.

Cats have been revered by many cultures, and especially by the ancient Egyptians who believed cats to be magical and fore-tellers of severe weather and natural disasters. The cat spirit animal represents independence with one of their messages being to work take care of what needs to be done but never to forget to take care of oneself. They encourage us to look closely at a situation and to remember that taking the time and care needed to examine a situation results in great rewards. 

All our crystals are retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.
You will receive a crystal description card, a cat totem card and a velvet drawstring pouch with your carved cat.

I recently received another of the larger cats and three of the smaller 🐈
  • Large cat: $41 and one is available (velvet pouch)
  • Small cat: $11.00 and three are available (organza pouch)

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