Bath Bomb Holiday Gifting Crystal Collection; FB1420

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Our answer to "what is the perfect gift"?  We've put together 4 different and fun collections for your gift giving this season.

Four different collections, and each one includes:

  • A lovingly made bath bomb that smells divine
  • A Reiki charged essential oil candle
  • An organza pouch with crystals matching the intent of the candle
  • A dragonfly charm
  • Crystal description cards
  • Affirmation card with essential oil information
  • Wrapping for your package to make it a lovely wrapped gift that includes, confetti paper, a rectangular box, a polka dot cellophane wrapper, and a silver twisty tie to keep all the goodies inside.

The four different collections are:

  • Mother/Inner Goddess
  • Positive Energy
  • Joy
  • Love


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