Namaste / Lotus Tools to honor your Spirit and Connection with the Divine; FB1260

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One of the rough translations of Namaste is My Spirit Honors You (or your Spirit).  It also greeting said out of respect to the person to whom you are speaking.

These frosted votive candle holders have the word Namaste with a Gold Lotus emblazoned on one side and will come to you with a lovely, lavender Harmony essential oil candle that has been Reiki charged.  You will also receive a card with an appropriate affirmation which complements the candle.

Miss Lilya was inspired to create a small burlap mat with a woman in deep contemplation or meditation.  She hopes this visual cue will help ease you onto your path of meditation also.

You also have grounding and protective smoky quartz, along with some morganite and kunzite extra small rough pieces.

These are wonderful tools to use as sensory cues to enter a calm state that is receptive to energy and messages around you and to encourage a relaxed and peaceful meditative state.  The small mini grid of crystals along with the mini meditation mat fit in the drawstring pouch if you would like to carry these items with you to help you to remember to sit, relax, breathe. 

I love this Mini Meditation Collection and I hope you do too :)

~Crystal Blessings~

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