Chakra Crystal and Reiki Charged Candle Collection

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A lovely collection of candles and crystals that are perfect for meditation, chakra re-balancing, relaxing or spending time in your sacred space.  The centerpiece of the collection is a set of Chakra candles corresponding by color to each of the seven major Chakras.  Each candle has a distinct blend of essential oils / fragrance pertaining to the chakra that it relates to.  The information cards for each individual chakra include information such as indications of imbalance for that chakra, potential for balancing, the essential oil blend used, symbol, location, body associations, scents, gemtstones associated and more.  A votive sized glass candle holder with Chakra symbols is included, a set of chakra crystals and a lovely large Chakra pouch.

All the items included are as follows:

  • 7 Reiki charged essential oil votive size candles corresponding to the seven major Chakras
  • 7 corresponding information cards
  • 1 small Copper Pendulum / Mini wand with chakra gemstones 
  • 7 tumbled stones corresponding to the chakras
  • 1 information card for the crystal chakra set
  • 1 Chakra votive holder
  • 1 large pouch embroidered with the Chakra symbols
  • 1 Chakra information card
  • 1 Tree of Life card-stock layout to use with your chakra crystal grid

This is a lovely colorful set that comes with a good amount of information and wonderfully scented candles.


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