Crown Chakra Balancing Collection with Reiki Candle, Crystals, Grid Layout & Affirmations

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How do we know when our chakras need balancing? It really depends on the chakra, however each chakra corresponds to certain physical and spiritual ailments we might face.

​Of course, it's always important to consult a medical doctor to help diagnose specific physical issues, so use this information as an additional tool or a supplement, not an alternative, to seeking medical advice.

You can read about different ways to identify whether a specific Chakra may be blocked or not functioning optimally here - Knowing when to Balance your Chakras

This Crown Chakra Collection includes the following:

  • Hand Painted canvas pouch
  • 3 Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stones
  • 4 Clear Quartz Tumbled Stones
  • 1 Reiki charged essential oil candle specifically created for working with the Crown Chakra
  • 1 Card stock layout to use to for placement of your crystals when creating a Crown Chakra crystal grid
  • 1 Info card with useful information specifically regarding the Crown Chakra
  • 1 Info sheet with information regarding the collection, suggested uses and Affirmations related to the Crown Chakra

This set is a duplicate of the very same set that I use myself and I am very pleased to be able to now offer it here in the Shoppe.  Please note that I make the layouts and paint the pouches myself so this is considered a custom order and may add 1 to 4 days to your shipping time depending on stock on hand at the time your order comes in :)

If you would like to add an extra Crown Chakra candle you may do so separately in the drop-down box.  If you would like the candle without the collection you must purchase them in multiples of 3.

I also have lovely colored glass Chakra votive holders that you may add to your collection.  These are only sold with the Chakra collections as an add-on item at this time, and you may add one in the drop-down box below.

- May all your chakras be clear and balanced - 

Crystal Dragonfly

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