Amethyst and Calcite Cluster for tranquility, calm and serenity; FB1980

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I have been fortunate to find some wonderful sources to obtain so many beautiful pieces!  These purple amethyst clusters feature calcite formations and simply draw you in.

Amethyst, known as the Stone of Sobriety, will help you fend off addictive behaviors in your life and work with you towards your goals.

Placing this piece near where you sleep is perfect as amethyst has a wide range of metaphysical properties including promoting restful sleep, and bringing a sense of calm and serenity.  It is useful to give to one feeling the pangs of homesickness or suffering from anxiety or mood swings.  

Calcite is a calming stone, its influence is said to help you look within to determine if some of the aspects of your life are in need of change. It can help you make the transitions between a stagnant or negative situation  to a more positive one.  Calcite is an aid to perception, allowing you to see things more clearly and to see reality in a new way.

Its subtle energies help balance the spiritual and physical aspects of yourself, promoting a more harmonious way of life.

Calcite has long been believed to aid memory. By helping you remember important information at critical times, it can allow you to gain more insight from your personal experiences, and often prevent you from repeating mistakes.  

This crystal is an excellent aid for meditation by promoting a peaceful state of mind.   It is also used to facilitate astral projection and other forms of non-physical exploration.

Calcite is strongly recommended for those in the healing profession.

These clusters have such beautiful color and sparkle. Each piece has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper .

You will also receive a crystal description card making it the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

A video of these showing their sparkle can be found here:  Amethyst and Calcite Clusters

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