Raven Protection Collection with Domed Wood Box; FB1819

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This collection includes crystals that historically have been used for different types of Protection:

  • Black Onyx Raven - Blocks Negative Energies and Protection from Evil Spirits.
  • Agate Mini Slab – General Protection and Physical Protection
  • Rough Black Tourmaline – General Protection, Protection from Harmful Spirits, Protection from Negative Energies, Aura Protection
  • Red Jasper – General Protection, Protection from Dangerous Situations
  • Black Obsidian  – General Protection, Protection from Emotional Psychic and Physical attack. Also protects from Negative Entities
  • Peridot – Protection against those who drain your energy.
  • Hematite – Protection against absorbing Negative Energy and a grounding stone
  • Fire Agate or Green Moss Agate – Useful for dispelling fear & protection
  • Protection Candle with Affirmation
  • Pouch with Patchouli Leaves, Bay Leaves, and Basil infused with Black Tourmaline Protection Anointing Oil

The box for this collection has been replaced with a lovely domed wood box with Om and meditation etchings or a domed Treasure box with brass accents.  Some pouches are included for the crystals and an information sheet regarding the crystals in this collection.

For the Red Jasper - you may receive a soothing stone, sphere or carved heart
For the Hematite - you may receive a sphere, wand or a carved angel
For the Black Obsidian - you may receive a wand, soothing stone or a carved heart
For the Raven - it is about 2" tall and most have yellow eyes

I interchange the red jasper, hematite, agate and black obsidian, but make sure that at least one piece of each in included in this collection.

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