Dragonfly Gem Pouch -Apatite-Gift for Gratitude/Relationship Communication/Insight

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A friend of mine asked for a tumbled stone with special packaging to give as a gift a while ago and this is the set I created for her which she and her friend just loved!

Sharing your love of crystals by gifting crystals is a wonderful way to introduce your friends and family to crystals, and a unique gift as well.

The card says:

Carry this Green Apatite Tumbled Stone when:
*You need insight into your current situation*
*You want to improve communication in your relationships*
*You want to bring a feeling of gratitude into your life*
Green Apatite is a joyful stone that can bring a sense of
emotional well-being, energy and good health.

This Gem Pouch collection includes:

  • Tumbled green apatite
  • Velvet Drawstring Pouch 
  • Box info / gift card that you can sign
  • Crystal description card to keep with the tumbled stone in the pouch
  • Pamphlet on Connecting with your Crystals
  • Small dragonfly
  • Gift Box


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