Green Turquoise Pocket Stone, freeform; FB1989

Green Turquoise Pocket Stone, freeform; FB1989

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These pocket stones are wonderful pieces for the center of a crystal grid or to display on their own or for a crystal medicine bag.  

Green Turquoise carries the same metaphysical properties as blue, but it has a slightly different vibration that lends to even stronger crystal energies with a focus on the Throat Chakra. Turquoise is considered to be a powerful healing crystal.

I am a big fan of worry, pocket, palm and soothing stones. These mostly round or oval shapes are one of my favorite polished crystal shapes. I sometimes use them as the center of a crystal grid, but most likely I'll find one in my pocket or bag, or sometimes in the bottom of my washing machine because I do like to carry them with me. I think soothing stones are a great replacement for stress balls.

A repetitive task such as stroking a soothing stone or squeezing a stress ball may help by redirecting your stress to the physical activity of your hand. I find the cool, smooth surface of the crystal much nicer than a rubber ball and they also make a very nice gift for co-workers :)

Please allow for slight variations in color, shape, size, surface texture and weight as these are made from natural stones and crystals. These variations are actually what make these soothing stones so beautiful and appealing! 

Each pocket stone has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

You will also receive a crystal description card and a drawstring pouch.

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