Rainbow Fluorite Carved Fox in Moon Polished Totem - Spirit Animal; FB2272

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I love the design of this fox in the center of a crescent moon.  They measure about 2" across, with some variation in colors, patterns, shape and size as each one is hand carved.

Fluorite is helpful for inspiring new ideas and keeping you focused and on task.  Concentration is increased as well as self confidence, while it balances the positive and negative relationship of the mind.

Fluorite heightens your intuitive powers and also helps you to see both reality and truth behind illusion, it encourages and sustains the ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being.

This carving is perfect for a meditation focal point and as the center of any crystal grid or arrangement.

Totem or Spirit Stones are totem animals and / or other symbols which are carved into, or from gemstones with metaphysical properties. This unites the inherent power of the symbol with the healing property of the crystal or stone.

It is believed that by combining the symbol of the totem animal or symbol that these spirit stones will guide, protect and teach us.

As a spirit animal the fox symbolizes luck, charm, dream work, cunning, and cleverness.  It also represents opportunity, playfulness, swift thinking and the ability to perceive deception.

This piece has been anointed with a manifestation anointing oil blend and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

You will also receive a drawstring pouch, a fox totem spirit animal card and a crystal description card.

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