Dendritic Hand Pebble for clarity and acceptance FB2323

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Grays, blacks, and tan markings and swirls, patterns and splashes give these hand pebbles a mesmerizing look in addition to having a solid, stable, gentle, calm and grounded feel.

If you are looking to get some clarity regarding your inner self, motivations and actions this is a very nice crystal to meditate with.  It is a good stone for acceptance and for spiritual growth.

These are perfect to hold in your hand for soothing, meditating or just unwinding.

These and are nice and chunky with a lovely finish as each piece is hand polished in Madagascar.

Your hand pebble will arrive with its own pouch with a description card and has, like all my crystals, been bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid after being re-tuned with vibrational sound.

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