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Affirmation Collection - Crystal Grids with Intent - Incense/Crystal Grid Base - Pamphlet - Votive Holder - Positive Energy

$ 21.00

Life can be busy, crazy, chaotic, stressful, demanding, joyous and sometimes just hard!  Finding the time to even take 5 minutes to relax, assess, slow down or take a step back can be a challenge.  If you can choose 5 or 10 minutes to put aside whatever demands you have in front of you, or to choose an area that you feel needs some "self-work", I believe this can bring that sense of calm, purpose and positivity that you are looking for.  

These are all tools that I personally use to slow down, focus, assess and to get into the frame of mind that I need to recharge.  I have been using affirmations and these tools for years as I realized that using routines and "cues" to help me to reach that place where I can simply slow down.  Lighting incense or a candle or writing an affirmation are cues I use to enter that state of mind where I can do my self-work and I hope that these tools also help you to achieve your goals, whatever they are!

I have carefully chosen the following items to include in this collection:

  • 4 Blank Affirmations
  • 1 Glass Votive Holder with colored design
  • 1 Incense Catcher / Crystal Grid Base
  • 4 Crystals / Tumbled Stones (please see list below)
  • 1 Box of Om Nagchampa Incense Sticks
  • 1 Info Sheet on using Affirmations
  • 1 Drawstring pouch

All sets will include:

  • 1 clear quartz crystal
  • 1 rose quartz crystal
  • 1 amethyst crystal

plus one of the crystals below depending on which intention you choose:

  • Protection will include:  Black Tourmaline
  • Prosperity will include: Jade
  • Healing will include: Shungite
  • Peace in the Home will include: Ocean Jasper
  • Love will include: Garnet
  • Emotional Healing will include: Labradorite
  • Joy will include: Sunstone
  • Passion will include: Orange Calcite
  • Anxiety will include: Blue Calcite or Blue Lace Agate

Any of these combinations would also be good for bringing some positive crystal energy into your space as they all include one each of clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz tumbled stones.

You simply set up your Affirmation tools in a place where they won't be disturbed.  I like Nag Champa incense as well as candles so you can use the votive holder for candles, or you can fill it with dried beans, dried corn, glass beads used in floral displays, or anything else you can find to support your incense stick.  You can use my enclosed Affirmation cards or write your Affirmations on any type of paper you have handy if you like.  Setting up your Affirmation collection in a quiet place and spending a few minutes focusing on your intended goals is a great way to make a difference in your day, outlook, and to achieve your goals!

You can add incense, a candle or a velvet pouch to this set by using the checkboxes above.

Please remember that crystals are natural and each piece is unique, meaning they have variations in size, color, surface texture, patterns, shape and weight.  All items in the photographs that are not included in the list above are for display purposes only.


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