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Chakra Crystal Grid Board, Mat, Base; FB1259

$ 12.25

Colorful and durable, these crystal grid mats are a great addition to your crystal collection. Use as the base for any crystal grid, or for a grid using chakra crystals with root chakra stones in the center moving outward with crown chakra crystals in the outermost ring.  

One mat is made of vinyl and can be easily rolled up to store, can be wiped off if necessary and measures 9.5"x 9.5" .

The second mat is a vibrant laminated mat measuring 8" square and can also be used as a base for a chakra grid or any type of crystal grid you desire.  This can also be wiped off and is a lovely base for any crystals/tumbled stones.

I have included some pictures of both grids using crystals for prosperity, a prosperity fish and a large natural citrine point.  This items are available separately in the shop.

You may choose from either the larger vinyl or the 8" laminated.  🦋


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