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Hand Painted Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid or Display Tiles

$ 21.75

These are a "custom" order and I do ship them out as quickly as a can in the order that I receive the paid invoice.  It can take an additional week or so but I may be able to ship your tile sooner.  Shipping time also depends on the amount of orders received before yours and the rainy and humid weather here that affects drying times.

I tend to like objects that are handcrafted, and not off of an assembly line when that can be avoided.  I like a rustic, primitive, homey, and lived-in feel to everything I make and most things I surround myself with.  So please keep in that these are hand painted, unique tiles and definitely are not "factory" perfect :) After these tiles are painted, they are then sprayed several times with sealer to protect the painted image.

I am not an artist but I love making these grid tiles and they really complement any crystal grid very well and are lovely to display!  And I suppose I am biased :)  I think they have a warm, happy, unique feel to them and they are perfect for placing your crystal grids on.

Additionally, I use Sacred Geometry patterned tiles or layouts with my many of my crystal grids.  Using the geometric patterns associated with Sacred Geometry, combined with the crystals in the crystal grids creates a union between the two.  When this is combined with the focused intention of the crystal grid it strengthens the energy of the grid and the positive feeling of a successful outcome.

The tiles have a smooth, textured surface on the top and are painted lightly on the underside and I have affixed 4 felt pads on them so they can rest safely on your tabletop or dresser. Each piece is unique and has individual variations in color and texture due to the nature of the tiles and the fact that they are hand painted.

Please note that these are not professionally painted, and I am not an artist.Some have tiny "imperfections" you might see on a hand painted item with a surface that is not completely flat. :) 

These tiles are considered a custom order as I paint them myself.  My stock varies from day to day so if I have the pattern you have purchased I can ship right away, if not, the shipping time can be increased by 1 to 7 shipping days as I am in southeast Texas and the rain and humidity adds a few days of drying time to the paint and sealer.  I paint these tiles in shades of green, gray, blue, maroon and brown.  You can request a color and pattern preference, but please keep in mind that can delay your shipping time :)  If you do not request a specific color or pattern at checkout I will be happy to chose for you.

I have painted a representation of some Sacred Geometry images on these tiles, and have added a list below so you can identify them.  

  • tile a:  Sri Yantra (hand painted) -  This is considered to be a geometric power symbol.  In ancient India the yogis considered it to be the most powerful of all known geometric power symbols.
  • tile b:  Square Rose (hand painted) -  This is a classic geometrical symbol found in nature and the spiritual world that embodies the the concept of infinite possibility.
  • tile c:  Flower of Life (original version, hand painted) - This is considered to be a geometric power symbol connected to ones "light body".  The light body is considered to be the pure language of the universe.
  • tile d:  Seed of Life  (hand drawn in charcoal) - This is considered to be a geometric power symbol representing the seven stages, steps, or days of creation.  This symbol can be considered a blessing handed down through generations.

These tiles measure approximately 6" x 6" by about 1/2" - Thank you for visiting!   
Please contact me if you have any questions before ordering :) 

The other items in the photographs are for display purposes only and are available separately.  This listing is for the tile bases only.  The small size tile was a custom order and is no longer available :)

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