Carnelian Hearts, First Quality, for personal power, vitality and passion; FB1360

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I do love all kinds of carved hearts! They are excellent to hold for soothing overworked nerves, gorgeous to display, and a good size if you are creating a large crystal grid.  Both these sizes are perfect to keep on your night table or small stand in your bedroom.  Heart shaped crystals make a lovely gift for someone that you want to cheer up and gift with a wonderful stone with metaphysical properties that match the reason for the gift giving :)

The larger are hand carved and hand polished Carnelian hearts from Madagascar averaging in size about 1 5/8 to 2" across, and the pocket size are 1" or a bit more across, and all have the deep, rich colors ranging from dark caramel to the beautiful burnt orange, or the lighter orange colors with interesting patterns that you find with first quality carnelian.

If you need a pick me up with a bit of grounding and a boost of enthusiasm, this is the crystal you are looking for. Use this stone when meditating to ground you and to motivate you to tackle your goals with passion and creativity. Carnelian is a valuable addition to your crystal toolkit.

Carnelian has many other metaphysical properties including protection against envy, fear and rage, and banishing sorrow.

The carved heart shape evokes feelings of love, serenity, joy and happiness making this shape wonderful to use as a soothing or meditation stone.

All my crystals have been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight overnight under a copper pyramid.  Your heart will come to you with a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card.

These are natural and hand carved and polished pieces so there is some variation in colors, patterns, thickness, height, width and length.  All are carved from premium quality carnelian from Madagascar.


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