Nephrite Jade with Pyrite Sphere, for inner peace, luck, abundance and meditation FB3202

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These lovely spheres have a beautiful unique teal green color with a mixture of white and black patterns and feature pyrite formations within the carvings. The photos didn't pick up the flashed of pyrite but they are there ūüíõ

Jade is the Stone of Spiritual Wealth, and it is best known for it's ability to attract financial stability and all kinds of prosperity.  It is said to open up the Heart Chakra to love and can help one to be more nurturing.  Jade helps to bring healing, prosperity and serenity into your life.  A protective stone, its vibrations work to keep harm at bay and to attract harmony, good luck, and friendship.  It stabilizes the personality and integrates mind and body by promoting self-sufficiency.  

Green Jade is said to lend to harmonious relationships.  It promotes insightful dreams and is said to release irritability.  Jade has nourishing and harmonious vibrations.  In metaphysical terms, both Nephrite and Jadeite refer to Jade and also help to alleviate feelings of guilt,  promotes calmness and encourages the repair of relationships as it opens up the heart to feelings of love. 

Pyrite is a very comforting and nurturing mineral that is known for protecting against negativity from people and your surroundings.It is a shielding and protection stone.  It provides protection against all types of negative energy.  It helps with recollection of important information and enhances memory by stimulating  the intellect. 

Pyrite assists one in seeing truth when presented with falsehoods and helps one to see behind facades.  Pyrite is also known as "Fool's Gold" and is said to bring luck, money and wealth.  It is grounding, promotes emotional well-being and helps one to ward off feelings of despair.   

It is also a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. Pyrite deflects negative energies, and also helps one to release negative and inhibiting patterns of behavior. Carrying Pyrite in your pocket is also said to protect you from both environmental pollution and physical danger. 

 Each sphere will come with a crystal description card for jade and another for pyrite.


    F $17, G $18, H $22, I $22, J $35

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