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Lepidolite Mica Cubes, Sacred Geometry; FB1682

$ 1.35

These very lovely cubes are hand carved and polished so size and inclusions vary as these are natural stones. 

Lepidolite is good for emotional well-being and mental balance. It has calming and relaxing properties and brings hope and forgiveness, including self-forgiveness.

It's also said to help to diminish depression, stress, anxiety and mood-swings. Resonates with the Heart Chakra and has a powerful vibration of light and unconditional love.

Lepidolite is a stone that fosters trust, calm, self-love & acceptance. It is used in grids for depression, despondency, panic attacks, traumas & addictions. Fosters hope and gentleness.

Each one has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.
You will also receive a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card.  Enjoy! 👒

Group K are $1.50 each, 18 available
Group Q are $1.35 each,  21 available
Group Z are $1.20 each,  12 available

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