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Copper Pyramid with Agate Eye Bowl Collection; FB2588

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I love using copper pyramids and have used them for years with my crystals and crystal grids.  Each one of these is handmade and a very useful metaphysical tool for crystal healers and those who use crystal grids.

Copper is an excellent energy conductor and when used with other stones and crystals it aids in the alignment of each stone’s individual energy fields and individual properties. By doing this, it enhances the properties of any crystals in and/or around it. Not only does the copper have an effect on your crystals, but the pyramid shape does also. If you create a crystal grid on a sacred geometry tile while under the pyramid, that creates a union between the crystals, the Pyramid and the Copper itself.  Excellent for manifestation of the intent of your crystal grids and for giving all your crystals a boost.

By combining the crystals with the copper you are creating a unique balance of energy, which makes the crystals metaphysical properties that much more available to the user.

Many people place fruit, water or other foods in their copper pyramids. I place my gem elixirs in them, especially during a full or new moon.

The platform allows you to carefully place a point, cluster or small sphere atop the pyramid.  The item will just be resting upon the platform so use with care and make sure your pyramid is in a secure place.  Attaching or affixing a crystal permanently to the top is recommended to make sure your crystals stays atop the pyramid safely.

An info sheet is included with each pyramid with suggestions for use. 

All the pieces in this collection can be used together, separately or combined with other crystals you have in your collection.  These are wonderful pieces that will bring a lot of variety to your crystal layouts.

You will receive:

  • 4" handmade copper pyramid with platform top
  • agate eye bowl
  • carnelian chips
  • natural citrine point
  • painted wood base
  • dragonfly charm

Enjoy and many ~Crystal Blessings~


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