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Black Obsidian Glossy Scrying Mirror with Wood Stand, grounding, protection; FB2654

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These mirrors can be quite illuminating and interesting when you are gazing into them.  These are highly polished with a very glossy and reflective finish.  You will also receive a wood stand for your piece.

If you are looking for a grounding stone Black Obsidian is a nice choice.  It shields against negativity and increases and stimulates the gift of prophecy.  It is excellent for healing and cleaning out the psyche of negative thoughts and experiences that one has accumulated during course of the day.  

It helps to release one from resentment of others, fear and anger.  It is very grounding, very healing and is also an excellent Stone of Manifestation.  Try creating a grounding grid and use a Black Obsidian wand for activating the crystals energies or incorporate black obsidian rough, polished or tumbled pieces.

I also have one that has a very slight chip on one side offered for $21, and another with a small scratch on one side also offered for $21.

    Type: Sacred Space

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