Selenite Chakra Mini Charging Plates (Set of 8) FB2975

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These lovely squares can be used as part of a crystal grid or layout or used singly to focus on one specific chakra.  Pairing each one with a stone that works with that chakra is a popular way to use these pieces.

Each one has a symbol reflecting one of the 7 major Chakra colors. There is an extra carving that can be used for the Crown chakra (the yellow flower of life or the purple Om.

"Chakra" originates in the Hindu belief in the spiritual body & they are regarded as energy fields within the body.

Some believe the Chakras align with the body’s endocrine glands and that their function or purpose is to keep the physical & spiritual body in balance. 

The set comes boxed making it great to give as a gift to a friend or to keep yourself!

I have more sets coming in the next week or so (week of Feb 7). If you would like to be on the wait list and reserve one please comment below and I will send you an invoice to reserve your piece!

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