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2" Copper Mini Pyramid paired with Black Tourmaline Rough

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This is a mini copper pyramid, perfect for your desk at work or anywhere you have a small area to place it. I am sending these with a 2"+ piece of black tourmaline rough. Place them in any environment where there is concern about negativity or negative energy. You can place any crystals or small objects under the pyramid.

Copper is an energy conductor and excellent for using near or with your crystals. Since Ancient times, on various continents, pyramid-shaped objects have been used to elevate consciousness through meditation, increase well-being, preserve life forces, and harmonize the energies of places and people.

Pyramids are believed by many to generate negative ions, which have a balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the body.

Power of the Pyramid

• Empower your thoughts
• Achieve your goals
• Cleanse negative energies
• Balance your Chakras
• Energize your stones
• Vitalize your oils
• Harmonize your relationships



Sold Out