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21 Crystal Chakra Collection with Wood Trough; FB1031

$ 15.00

LOVE THIS!  These 21 crystals can be used to grow your crystal collection so you can create a myriad of crystal grids and personal pouches.  There are 3 tumbled stones to correspond with each of the major 7 chakras and the wooden trough has two holes drilled at either end if you prefer to use it to burn stick incense (it is super wide so no ashes anywhere).  I think it makes an excellent holder for your crystals though!

I will also send a card that identifies the crystals and which chakra they belong to as well as large velvet pouch to hold all the crystals.

The collection of 21 crystals, the velvet pouch, the wooden trough, and the info card are offered for $39

If you would like to add the 7 matching satin drawstring pouches and the 7 sterling silver charms to tie to each bag or wear as a pendant the total is 109.00 for the complete collection.  The silver charms / pendants are available separately for 9.00 each and they are engraved on both sides – one side with the name of the chakra and the other side is engraved with the chakra symbol.

All the crystals have been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

* If you would like to add the pouches without the sterling silver charms please choose the trough collection for 39.00 and then you can add the set of satin pouches for an additional 15.00 if you like



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