Abundance Chime Candle / Crystal Set FB3264

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 Ritual and spell candles have been used for centuries to focus and direct intention while evoking the presence of the divine. Candle magic is an ancient tradition that goes far beyond just lighting a candle and letting it burn.

This Abundance Spell Candle Set is perfect for your manifestation practice. ✨

Inside you'll find four different candles: White - all debts cleared Green - call in money Yellow - magnetize opportunities Gold - abundance now

In addition to the 4 different chime candles and abundance candle holder are 3 tumbled abundance stones: citrine, orange calcite and pyrite with crystal description cards and a drawstring pouch. (other pictured items are for display purposes or layout suggestions)

These are a pre-order with the next batch expected to arrive some time in the next 2 to 3 weeks.  Pre-orders need to be reserved and paid for in advance to be included  on the wait list 😊

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