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Amethyst Mini Slabs - Incredibly Versatile for a base for tumbled stones, crystal bowls and grids

$ 2.50

I have always been drawn to using slabs and bowls in my crystal workings.  Slabs represent a base or foundation to me, something solid.  They add their own metaphysical properties and they "elevate" the grid or crystals that are placed upon them.

I have found a selection of Tiger's Eye, Rose Quartz and Amethyst mini slabs in various sizes, polished with some retaining a bit of the natural texture of the stone depending on their shape at the time they were polished.

The Tiger's Eye, Amethyst and Rose Quartz slabs arrived not in the large sizes I expected, and many were damaged during shipping.  The very damaged pieces have been placed in my flower beds and I have sorted through the rest.  Some have a somewhat sharper edge where they obviously were part of a larger piece but I have chosen those that I feel are large enough or with only some small chips or not as sharper edges to offer here in the Shoppe.  I am using some of the smaller pieces for small grids and in bowls with other crystals, or to use as a small base for other crystals.  If you would like a polished piece of Amethyst or Rose Quartz to do the same with, then these pieces would fit the bill very nicely for you :)  The Tiger's Eye did fare much better in it's journey I must say.  

There are many pieces of all shapes and sizes so I sorted them and will be happy to chose for you if these will make a nice addition to your crystal collection.

Incredibly versatile, slabs add so much to your crystal grids, crystal bowls, blessings bowls or Affirmation stones.  This offer is for the Amethyst pieces and you can use them when you are creating a grid and want to add serenity or open and bolster your intuition.  Amethyst is also good for helping to overcome any addictive kind of behavior and to balance mood swings and reduce anxiety.  It is wonderful in helping to enter a peaceful state of meditation and is also used in grids having to do with financial or legal issues.

I am offering these slabs in various sizes, all approximate, all unique.  These are natural stones so you see variations in size, pattern, color, surface texture, weight and shape, but all are lovely additions to your crystal toolkit or collection and I am happy to choose for you from the size you select.  

You can use the "add a drawstring pouch option" to receive the individual slabs in their own drawstring pouch with a description card for Amethyst.  Multiple slab purchases packed in standard packaging will arrive with multiple slabs packaged in one drawstring pouch large enough to hold the amount in your order.

  • Large - Approx 2" by about 2" or a bit over
  • Medium - Approx 1 3/4"" up to 2" by about 1 to 1 1/2" 
  • Small - 1 1/2" by about 1" to 1 1'4" or a bit over
  • Extra Small - 3/4" up to 1" by 3/4" up to 1"

Remember, not all sides will be fully polished as some of these came from larger slabs and one side may be rough or a bit pointy. 

Type: Slab



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