Angel Aura Rose Quartz Spheres FB2686

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I love the sheen and the pretty rainbow reflections of these Angel Aura spheres.

Angel Aura (also known as opal aura) is a bonding process applied to stones using precious metals such as gold, titanium, etc.

The aura is translucent so the veils, patterns, colors and micro crystals are still visible and add a lot of interest to each piece.

Many crystal healers believe that the bonding of these metals enhances the stones, some others do not so I always say to follow your intuition.  Stones that do undergo the aura process usually display a "rainbow" of colors and shine, and are intensely appealing 🔮

Each sphere has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

The smaller spheres (averaging about 19mm to 22mm) are $4.50 each and the larger (averaging about 27 to 29mm) are $8.50 each

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