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Angel Aura Quartz Small Sphere, very bright and iridescent 🌟; FB1886

$ 5.50

These are very pretty mini spheres measuring about 3/4" across with lovely and soothing colors dancing across the surface. Small spheres are easy to carry in a medicine bag or pouch to carry with you.

"Aura" Quartz is quartz or other stones (ie kyanite) have have undergone a bonding process with precious metals such as gold, titanium, etc.

Many crystal healers believe that the bonding of these metals enhances the stones, some others do not so I always say to follow your intuition.Β  Stones that do undergo the aura process usually display a "rainbow" of colors and shine, and are quite pretty. :)Β 

Each one of these bright and iridescent spheres will arrive with its own drawstring pouch.

Type: Sphere



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