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Aragonite Star Clusters from Morocco for grounding and stability (2 - 3 inches)

$ 9.00

Lovely burnt caramel color and reflective crystals all the way around these clusters - on every side!  If coping with the day to day, or the extraordinary challenges that life sends your way feels like a bit of a challenge these crystals are excellent for guiding you to be more patient, content with your current situation, and to help you cope emotionally when your circumstances feel a bit out of control.  

They will enhance a feeling of being grounded and centered. This aragonite has a strong healing vibration that works well at clearing and balancing your chakras.

The small size are lovely pieces measuring between 1 1/2 and 2 inches with clusters all the way around that make a lovely center for a crystal grid or displayed on a small slab or tile.

The medium size is quite chunky & around 2 inches long. Each will come with a crystal description card.




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