Astrophyllite and Garnet Sphere FB3067

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These are beautiful and interesting spheres and such an amazing combination!

These spheres have lovely and large areas of garnet with pinpoints of blue flash on the surface from the dark interspersed astrophyllite.

Garnets were used in ancient times for protection from negative energy and evil, they were set into jewelry, swords and shields so strong was this belief. It is a stone of passion, protection and to bring success to business ventures and career paths.

Astrophyllite helps one to become more aware of, and in tune with, those around them. 

It opens your eyes to those things that are no longer necessary in your life and facilitates the "letting go" of these things that have now become unnecessary to your personal and spiritual growth.  It also helps you to see and appreciate your full potential.

They have been re-tuned with vibrational sound, daubed with Sugilite and Black Tourmaline anointing oils and bathed in moonlight in one of my many copper pyramids.

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