Australian Kunzite, Dragon's Blood, Jet and Atlantasite Carved Petals or Saucers

Stone: Atlantasite Carved Petals, set of 3
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I love saucers! They are great to hold and I like to use one in the center of a crystal grid - these have a nice, shiny polish to them and I find the shape really appealing!

Gorgeous Dragon's Blood jasper is only found in Australia and was so named as local legends say that the stone is the remains of ancient dragons. The colors are so vivid and you can see how the legend conjures up images of these ancient dragons when you see the amazing green color and the blood red swirls in the pieces.

Its energies are said to bring one vitality, courage and strength and that is also attracts happiness and abundance. It has been called one of the most powerful of all the jaspers.

Australian Kunzite emanates powerful peaceful feeling. It resonates with a powerful energy of love while it helps you to heal emotional wounds, release negative feelings and release panic and fear. Kunzite assists in developing intuition and aids with obtaining a deeper state of meditation.

It is said to be good for removing obstacles from ones path and is excellent for panic attacks and reducing anxiety and stress. It can help one be more expressive when dealing with matters of the heart. - balance, love, luck, power, joy, depression, mood swings, relaxation -

Atlantasite (also known as Tasmanite) gets its lovely green color from Serpentine in combination Stichtite. This stone only comes from a a small hilltop in Zeehan, Tasmania and also includes chromite and magnetite.

Jet is said to be a powerful aid in the activation of powers of magic and interaction with the powers of the elements, it is a protector and can help one channel the Earth's energies and channel them. It has been used historically to aid with grief and mourning in several cultures.

These pieces can be used in a crystal grid or medicine bag to bring joy, bring inner peace and to balance mood swings. It promotes a sense of calm and balance to any space it is brought into and helps one to inspire confidence and flexibility in ones thinking.

These carved pieces measure about 1 1/4" across.

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