Azozeo Red Fire Azeztulite Hearts

Azozeo Red Fire Azeztulite Hearts

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These are highly polished Red Fire Azeztulite hearts that are a rich brick red color and that have been Azozeo activated. These come with a card certifying their authenticity. This is a process put in place by Robert Simmons to enhance, awaken, and amplify the energies of certain crystals by placing them in a labyrinth or Azeztulite energy field.

Red Fire Azeztulite is a wonderful stone for keeping in your pillowcase or near you when sleeping for when you are feeling drained or anxious. It is also used in grids or for meditation when one is feeling fatigued or stressed.

These hearts measure either 25mm or 40mm and all have been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight overnight in a copper pyramid.

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