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Beyond The Basic Crystal Grid, 7 crystals, Using a Wand / Point + Pouch + Instruction Pamphlet

$ 16.00

This is the second set in the crystal grid starter series.  The Collection includes 7 crystals, a Quartz Point, an instructional pamphlet and more to help you take your Crystal Grids to the next level.  You can add an extra set of crystals to make a larger crystal grid, a second crystal grid, or give yourself more options when choosing which crystals to use.  It will also give you some extra crystals to carry in a with you in the included drawstring pouch.  

This set includes: 

  •     1 Chevron Amethyst
  •     1 Kyanite
  •     1 Apatite
  •     1 Red Jasper
  •     3 selenite
  •     1 Quartz Point
  •     1 Card-stock layout with 6 sided Star of David / Seed of Life pattern
  •     1 Setup Steps Card
  •     1 Instructional Pamphlet
  •     1 Drawstring Pouch 

You will have everything you need to cleanse, charge, and set up your crystal grid.  Here is what you will receive if you add the extra crystals to the collection:

Abundance Crystals:  - 1 Jade, 2 Moss Agate, 2 Clear Quartz
Healing Crystals: 1 each of the following - 1 Shungite, 1 Ruby Zoisite, 2 Clear Quartz
Emotional Healing Crystals: 1 Labradorite, 1 Unakite, 1 Hematite, 2 Orange Calcite
Peace in the Home: 1 Rainbow Fluorite, 2 Rose Quartz, 2 Amethyst

Each additional add-on set will include its own drawstring pouch.

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