Black Soapstone Scrolled Smudge Bowl with Purple Sage Smudge Stick, FB1900

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I love rituals and using 🌿palo santo or smudge sticks🌿 to refresh & cleanse a space is one way that helps me to get into a great frame of mind for creating grids and stating affirmations.

You can use a palo santo stick or smudge stick to cleanse/refresh/smudge a room or space:  Hold the tip of your palo santo or smudge stick over a flame.  Once you see it starts to burn you can gently wave the stick in all corners of your space or room. 

You can then open the windows after smudging for a breath of fresh air to complete the ritual.  Tamp the stick in a fireproof dish, or bowl, or in a bowl with some sand in it to make sure there are no remaining embers.

You will receive:

  • 1 Black Soapstone Smudge Bowl
  • 1 Purple Sage/Lavender Smudge Stick


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