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Black Tourmaline Hand Pebbles for joy, protection, courage and serenity; FB2529

$ 15.00

Black Tourmaline is a fabulous stone for joy and serenity, as well as protection.  

Black Tourmaline is often associated with the heart chakra ( particularly watermelon tourmaline),  it opens the pathways for one to accept love. Tourmaline is known for inspiring courage and strong will, while also increasing understanding and tolerance. Tourmaline helps one to be more flexible, experience more joy and happiness, feel more compassionate, be more objective and serene.  It also enhances tolerance and understanding. It is a considered to be a stone for channeling, as well as a protection stone. 

These are perfect to hold in your hand for soothing, meditating or just unwinding.  They are considered to be "first quality" and about 1 3/4" to 2" long.  These and are nice and smooth, and a bit chunky in shape.  Each piece is hand carved and hand polished in Madagascar.

Your Black Tourmaline hand pebble will arrive in its own pouch with a description card and has, like all my crystals, been bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid after being re-tuned with vibrational sound and/or smudged with sage before being carefully packed away waiting for its new home.



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