Blue Apatite with Jasper Spheres from Brazil, with Velvet Pouch; FB1476

Regular price $ 159.00
I am in awe of these spheres with their lovely, gemmy blue apatite and rich and earthy brown jasper. Some areas look almost like a mosaic and others look like little ponds or lakes of deep blue surrounded by brown earth.
Some have small vugs (small natural cavities that occur during the mineral or rock's formation) on the surface and they all have amazing patterns and pockets of apatite.
They have been retuned with vibrational sound and placed in a copper pyramid overnight to be bathed in the moon's energies.
Each sphere comes with a velvet drawstring pouch and a crystal description card.
A - 3" - $159.00
B - 2 1/2" - $63.00
C - 2 1/4" across - $39.00

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