Amber Calcite Drusy Skull FB2750

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The color and patterns in these amber calcite skulls are fantastic and these pieces each give off a different and unique vibe.

A calming stone, its influence is said to help you look within to determine if some of the aspects of your life are in need of change. Calcite can help you make the transitions between a stagnant or negative situation to a more positive one. Calcite is an aid to perception, allowing you to see things more clearly and to see reality in a new way. Its subtle energies help balance the spiritual and physical aspects of yourself, promoting a more harmonious way of life.

Calcite has long been believed to aid memory. By helping you remember important information at critical times, it can allow you to gain more insight from your personal experiences, and often prevent you from repeating mistakes. This crystal is an excellent aid for meditation by promoting a peaceful state of mind. It is also used to facilitate astral projection and other forms of non-physical exploration. Calcite is strongly recommended for those in the healing profession.

Each carving has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid. 

💧 Many people feel that working with their skull over a length of time encourages the skull to reveal its name. 💧


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