Carnelian Shell Amulet for vitality, motivation, confidence and personal power; FB1969

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This carnelian amulet is the perfect addition to your personal altar or sacred space.  

When placed among your most treasured items, these amulets can act as a visual reminder of your intentions and an inspiration to you.

These are hand crafted to order and Reiki charged before they are sent off to you. 

This shell amulet for vitality and motivation features a lovely polished carnelian, a hand made clay setting and blue and green mica powder.

Carnelian encourages a connection to the past and is to produce inspiration from, and to foster a connection with the spiritual worlds. It protects against envy, fear, and rage, and helps to banish sorrow. It provides energy that promotes ground people during meditation and it is great for cleansing other stones.    It promotes vitality, energy and motivation. 

Carnelian works with the Sacral Chakra and has an energy of emotion, passion, warmth, and enthusiasm. 

–physical energy, personal power, passion, creativity, compassion, confidence, dispels apathy –

As these are hand made there will be variations in the size of the stones and shells, and the shape of each piece.

These are custom made to order and have an additional shipping time depending on how many we have on hand at the time you place your order. :) 

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