Ceramic Tree of LIfe Smudge Pot, Incense Burner; FB1843

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I love rituals and using 🌿smudge sticks🌿 to refresh & cleanse a space is one way that helps me to get into a great frame of mind for creating grids and stating affirmations.

You can use a palo santo stick (offered separately) or a smudge stick  to cleanse/refresh/smudge a room or space:  Hold the tip of your palo santo or smudge stick over a flame.  Once you see it starts to burn, blow out the flame so the stick is lightly smoking and you can gently wave the stick in all corners of your space or room or simply walk around the four corners of each room.

You can then open the windows after smudging for a breath of fresh air to complete the ritual.  Tamp the stick in a fireproof dish, or bowl, or in a bowl with some sand in it to make sure there are no remaining embers.

This smudge pot actually has a round holder set in the center that can hold most medium size smudge sticks to catch small embers and to keep your smudge stick upright.  You can also use this holder for skinny pillar candles :) 

Palo santo sticks and magickal oils are available separately in the online shop


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