Chakra Stone Amethyst Pendulum - Mini Wand; FB1649

Chakra Stone Amethyst Pendulum - Mini Wand; FB1649

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This pendulum features small chakra cabochons representing the seven Major Chakras and also serves as a mini wand.

Pendulums have been used throughout history to locate water, find minerals beneath the earth, by doctors to locate infections, by midwives to determine the gender of unborn children, as well as many other uses and by all sorts of different practitioners in the ancient and not so ancient past.

A pendulum is a chain or string with a weight hanging from it.  They are made from many different objects and materials depending on the purpose of the pendulum. In addition to the uses mentioned above, a pendulum is also used to to answer yes or no questions.  It is believed that the direction of the pendulum is either influenced by the Spiritual Realm via your higher self or by reactions or impulses in your fingers directed by your subconscious mind when a question is posed.  

If you are going to use your pendulum to answer "yes" or "no" questions you need to determine which direction is "yes" and which is "no".  Ask your self questions that your conscious mind knows the answer to and observe which direction the pendulum swings.  Make a note of it so when you are asking questions you do not know the answer to you remember which directions are yes and no.

From top to bottom this piece measures about 3".  

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