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Chalcedony Drusy Free Form Natural Pieces; FB2150

$ 7.00

These are small drusy, carved chalcedony butterflies. They have reflective micro crystals on the surface and are quite interesting to focus on.

Considered to be a nurturing stone, chalcedony is great for helping to build ones self confidence.  It promotes cooperation or a feeling of teamwork with groups of people and is wonderful for public speaking as it helps one to reflect and weigh their words before speaking them.

These pieces measure between 1 1/2" by 2 1/4" long. They are all a bit different in color, pattern and shape. 

  • Group A are 7.00 each
  • Group B are 6.00 each 
  • Group C are 5.25 each

These have been retuned under a copper pyramid and bathed in moonlight.  You will also receive a crystal description card as well as a drawstring pouch.



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