Cherry Creek Jasper Sphere, FB2617

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Gorgeous Cherry Creek Jasper spheres with rich, deep, earthy brick red, greens and brown patterns.  These vary in size, color, patterns and range from a smooth matte to a glossier finish.

  • A - 58mm
  • B - 60mm
  • C - 57mm
  • D - 55mm
  • E - 62mm
  • F - 57mm
  • G- 60mm
  • H- 61mm

Jasper's are considered to be Supreme Nurturers and these stones in particular really draw you in.

Jasper can help one recognize a solution to a problem and helps one to recall dreams and to be better able to interpret the messages in those dreams.  It is called the Nurturing Stone, and has been called the Supreme Nurturer.  

It is a warm and comforting stone and is also considered to be a stone of protection. It encourages turning your ideas into action and helps one with the ability to be organized. To help you remember dreams you can sleep with red jasper under your pillow.  

Encourages insight into difficult situations, it is also credited with easing emotional stress.  A good stone to be included in chakra layouts. Also possesses the metaphysical properties of Jasper, general -  It is a protection stone for the night. Jasper is known to send out calming vibrations so it's great to use in a personal amulet pouch, as the center of a crystal grid or crystal medicine bag. 

These spheres have been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a crystal pyramid.

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