Choices Abalone Shell Crystal Collection

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 This Abalone Shell/Crystal Collection was created as a metaphysical tool to be used when one is at a crossroads or is faced with choosing a path to follow.  These crystals’ properties not only help to harness our intuition, but to help us to have the courage to trust our intuition when it is necessary to make a choice about the direction we need to take.

These crystals were carefully chosen based on the following metaphysical properties:

  • Kyanite Blades – enhances intuition and foresight.
  • Abalone – enhances psychic awareness and intuition
  • Amethyst – develops psychic abilities, encourages wise decision making, facilitates communication with the Angelic Realm, and also bestows courage.
  • Malachite – it helps to strengthen our ability to take action, and it helps us to recognize the steps or path we must follow to realize the end result we seek.

On a piece of paper write your question or concern that requires a decision.  Place your paper under the abalone shell.  Place your incense holder in the center of the shell, or to the side of it.  Fill the shell with the kyanite, amethyst, and malachite crystals.  You may add any other crystals you feel called to include.  Relax, focus and ask your higher self to bring you the answer that you seek through your intuition.

This collection includes:

  • 1 Abalone Shell
  • 1 small Brass two piece cone incense burner
  • 1 box of Nag Champa cone incense
  • 2 Velvet pouches
  • 1 Malachite tumbled stone
  • 3 Amethyst tumbled stones
  • Several small kyanite blades
  • 1 info sheet

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