Copper & Gemstone Orgon / Orgonite Spiral Pyramid; FB2505

Size: Black Obsidian
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Orgonite, also known as orgon, is a combination of substances such as resin, metals and stones that many believe have a balancing and harmonizing effect on energy.  These pieces are formed into shapes such as spheres, pyramids, eggs, and even jewelry.

These orgon pyramids have excellent clarity and each one has a small clear quartz point wrapped in copper pointing up to the apex of the pyramid.  There is also the spiral image created from copper facing out on one side of the pyramid.

The spiral is a very ancient, universal and widely used symbol that represents evolution, the cycles of time and nature,  spiritual journey, and the inevitability of birth & death.

Each pyramid incorporates a different stone in the bottom and mid-section of the piece and has copper shavings at the top creating a lovely sparkle and reflective property to each one.

At the moment, I have one each of:

  • Black Obsidian - $15
  • Black Tourmaline $17
  • Carnelian $15
  • Green Aventurine $15
  • Rainbow Moonstone $17
  • Rose Quartz $15
  • Selenite $17

The photos were taken at night and do not show the vibrancy of these very pretty pieces.

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