Copper Pyramid Collection, Quartz Pendulum, Sacred Geometry Tile, & Crystals; FB1640

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You may also choose a collection with the new "platform" pyramid in the drop-drown box 

These are considered a custom order as these are hand made so the shipping time may be extended by 5 to 18 days depending on availability.

I worked on putting this collection together for several months and I am very pleased with the final collection!  If you create a crystal grid on the tile while under the pyramid, that creates a union between the Sacred Geometry of the tile, the crystals, the Pyramid and the copper itself. 

Excellent for manifestation of the intent of your crystal grids!  The mirror tile fits nicely underneath the pyramid and has a hand applied copper pattern.  The Copper Pyramid sets above it with a Clear Quartz Pendulum pointing down from the top point of the Pyramid. I have chosen 4 crystals for each of the four corners of the tile base - Kyanite, Selenite, Citrine and Hematite - for their manifestation and grounding properties. 

I have been using copper pyramids for many years and I am so excited to offer this set to you.  The 6 inch size is large enough for placing a nice amount of crystals, and it is fabulous for creating a custom grid for a personal altar or sacred space.  Setting it up in a special place, lighting candles around it and placing a crystal grid upon it creates an atmosphere of peace and oneness.  It simply feels special.

For Affirmations, you can pick one special piece from your collection if you like to use as your personal affirmation stone.  I usually pick a larger size rough piece, crystal pyramid, sphere, or small collection of tumbled stones and after saying my written Affirmation, place the paper below the center stone and leave it in the pyramid for a day or so.

You will receive:

  • 1 6 inch Copper Pyramid 
  • 1 mirror with copper star pattern tile, usually square but sometimes round
  • 1 Set of 4 Crystals (kyanite, hematite, citrine and selenite)
  • 1 Drawstring Pouch
  • 1 Clear Quartz Pendulum
  • 1 information sheet
  • 1 selenite care card

 If you are purchasing other items that you would like sooner, please check with me to see what I have available for immediate shipping.  There is a separate shipping / insurance cost for split shipments.

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