Crown Chakra Balancing Satin Pouch Collection

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How do we know  when our chakras need balancing? It really depends on the chakra, however each chakra corresponds to certain physical and spiritual ailments we might face.

​Of course, it's always important to consult a medical doctor to help diagnose specific physical issues, so use this information as an additional tool or a supplement, not an alternative, to seeking medical advice.

You can read about different ways to identify whether a specific Chakra may be blocked or not functioning optimally here - Knowing when to Balance your Chakras

 This Crown Chakra Collection includes the following:

  • 1 Purple Satin Pouch
  • 3 Clear Quartz Tumbled Stones
  • 3 Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Stones
  • 1 Amethyst Pyramid with the Crown Chakra Symbol engraved on the underside
  • 1 Reiki charged essential oil candle specifically created for working with the Crown Chakra
  • 1 Card stock layout to use for placement of your crystals when creating a Crown Chakra crystal grid
  • 1 Info sheet with information regarding the collection, suggested uses and Affirmations related to the Crown Chakra

The Crown Chaka represents our ability to connect with the divine and our spiritual selves.

When this chakra is balanced you feel:
At peace, blissful, live in the present, and feel confident in your inner guidance, especially in regards to your spirituality and knowledge of higher power.

When this chakra is unbalanced, you might feel:
Emotional imbalances, particularly issues with inner guidance and lack of spiritual confidence, difficulties in staying focused or learning, and trouble comprehending spiritual concepts and ideas. You may also feel depressed, uncertain, feeling a lack or goals or purpose, or be feeling alienated.

Physical symptoms could include sensitivity to light and sound in the environment and headaches.

If all this is brand new for you but you'd like to set up a crystal grid to work on your Crown Chakra I've chosen a few items that when used together make not only a lovely collection for Chakra work but are also a nice beginning to a beautiful Sacred Space or personal altar. By adding certain essential oils (in the candle), the color purple/violet, the symbol for Crown Chakra on the pyramid, and the energies from the crystals and an affirmation, you are layering several different types of energies that complement each other to help you reach your desired intention.

This set is a duplicate of a set that I use myself and I am very pleased to be able to offer it here in the Shoppe.  Please note that I make the layouts myself so this is considered a custom order and may add 1 to 4 days to your shipping time depending on stock on hand at the time your order comes in :)

****If you would like to add an extra Crown Chakra candle you may do so separately in the drop-down box.  If you would like the candle without the collection you must purchase them in multiples of 3.

***I also have lovely colored glass Chakra votive holders that you may add to your collection.  These are only sold with the Chakra collections as an add-on item at this time, and you may add one in the drop-down box below.

The entire set of 7 collections is available for the price of 6 and also includes a Chakra votive holder :)

- May all your chakras be clear and balanced - 

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