Crystal Grid Kit with Wooden divided box - Awesome Assortment; FB1757

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🎁The Crystal Kit is wonderful as a beginner starter collection or to be used to supplement and enrich an already growing metaphysical toolkit.🎁

It is the perfect answer to the question "how to create a crystal grid?"

There are individual collections to create several crystal grids, including, Prosperity, Healing, Happiness, Protection & Intuition. There are additional crystals to enhance your grids and dried flowers/herbs to add another layer of manifestation to your grids.

You will also receive two drawstring pouches, crystal descriptions and 2 different magickal oils to dab on your wrists, add to a bath or anoint your crystals. The kit includes two mini ceramic bowls that can be holders for cone incense or to hold your favorite tumbled stone. Each section of the divided wood box has a card identifying the crystals or items in that section. I've also included a small fluorite or lapis lazuli polished wand and a nice piece of natural copper.

All these crystals come with a wooden box that you can stain, paint, stamp, or polish to personalize, an information pamphlet to get you started, and a 12' by 12" Sacred Geometry crystal grid mat to add another energy layer by combining the perfect match of Sacred Geometry and crystal energy.

You will receive 24 tumbled stones, a small pouch with peridot, kyanite blades, a copper nugget, pouches, informational pamphlet, 2 magickal oils, 3 pouches, 2 mini ceramic bowls, 2 pouches with herbs/dried flowers, a small polished lapis OR fluorite wand, Sacred Geometry black cloth crystal grid mat, a wooden box with dividers and lots of awesome energy!

Each item has been retuned with vibrational sound and then bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

These are made to order and ship anywhere from 3 days to 14 days after the order is placed.  Everything comes with together with a lovely bow making this a perfect gift!


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