Dalmatian Jasper Pocket Stone for Teamwork, Cooperation, Strengthens Friendships; FB1877

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I love, love, love, these pieces!  Smooth, soothing, and rounded, they feel so good to hold and are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.

If you need a pick me up with a bit of grounding and a boost of enthusiasm, this is the piece you are looking for.   Use this stone when meditating to ground you and to motivate you to tackle your goals with passion and creativity.  

This stone is said to encourage strong family bonds and to strengthen long term friendships, while encouraging emotional harmony and fidelity.    It helps to create an atmosphere of cooperation and team work in the workplace.  

Many times dalmatian jasper is used as an excellent tool against smoking by bolstering the resolve to quit and it is know to provide the determination to succeed.  It is also used to guard against nightmares and fears associated with sleeping.

Known as a stone with an affinity towards pets, especially dogs, it helps one to overcome irrational fears of dogs and to help one develop a level of communication with your pet.

These pretty pieces have been sorted into 3 groups (A, B or C), roughly by size and shape.

They are sold individually and you can choose the group your piece comes from in the drop down box.

Your pocket stone will arrive with its own pouch with a crystal description card and has, like all my crystals, been bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid after being retuned with vibrational sound.

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