Darwin Glass matched with Moonstone or Bloodstone chips

Darwin Glass matched with Moonstone or Bloodstone chips

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Darwin Glass is found surrounding Mt. Darwin in Tasmania. It is a rare silica rich meteor splash glass created approximately 800,000 years ago as a result of a meteor hitting that area.

Darwin glass is unique compared to other impact tektites as part of its composition includes the original meteorite,both nickel and iron as well as chromium. Scientists have also found pockets inside Darwin Glass with evidence of organic material.

It is an extremely high vibration stone and is said to greatly enhance the energies of other crystals, is wonderful for balancing and aligning all the chakras, and in particular it opens Crown chakra. These types of crystals help one in their spiritual growth by helping to absorb and understand information from higher sources and to help release unwanted or undesirable experiences.

If you are interested in adopting one of these pieces I am offering them individually for 27.00 (they are 5 to 6gms each) or as a collection with either bloodstone chips or moonstone chips on an art glass dish for 36.00

I intuitively chose moonstone and bloodstone to be matched with these pieces. If you are looking for a combination that lends more towards inspiring and growing your Inner Goddess or Moon connection I would say the moonstone is the best choice for you. If you are looking more for a combination for emotional or relationship renewal, abundance or healing I would choose the bloodstone collection.

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