Elestial Himalayan Quartz - Various Sizes

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These range in weight from 2 grams up to 16 grams.  The smaller pieces are good for adding to a blessings bowl or amulet pouch and the larger sizes are nice for the focal point of a crystal grid.  A powerful crystal to add to your crystal collection, they range from white/clear to smokey.

Metaphysical Properties of Elestial Quartz:

This crystal is also knows as "Alligator Quartz", "Skeletal Quartz" and "Jacare Crystal".  Elestial can be translated to mean Crystal of the Angels, a name which describes this Crystal's strong connection to the Angelic Realm.  They are said to represent supreme knowledge and to hold great power and mystery.  Examined closely you may see unusual etchings on the surfaces and interesting internal fractures and cavities.  Each piece once inspected closely takes on a beauty and mystery of its own.  It is said that they are powerful emotional healers, but will bring old pains and buried issues to the surface in order to be worked through.  As a stone that fosters a connection with Angels, it is also good for use in crystal grids or amulet pouches to alleviate depression, anxiety, negativity and stress.  An excellent crystal of transformation that will assist in helping one to accept and adapt to changes, such as a move and a broken relationship. 

They are said to have a wonderful spiritual vibration and a strong energy connection with Celestial beings, that allows you to connect to and to receive guidance, love and light from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms.  They are said to be a soul healer and to aid in resolving spiritual conflicts within oneself.   They are also known for fostering the clair-senses.  - Angelic connection, stress, anxiety, transformation, depression, clairvoyance, psychic awareness - 

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