Fancy Jasper Pyramids: FB1534

Fancy Jasper Pyramids: FB1534

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Jasper is considered to be a nurturing stone and is said to align the chakra energies.  Called the Supreme Nurturer, this stone is warm, comforting and is known to protect against negativity and gives one a feeling of being grounded.   

In the ancient world Jasper was revered for its medicinal and spiritual values.

It's name can be found as far back as ancient the Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Latin languages. Like many other crystals it also has been used for centuries by civilizations and cultures around the world for its unique properties.

It was called ''the great rain bringer'' in the fourth century, and legend has it that jasper would protect against snake and spider bites, and that it had the ability to drive away evil spirits.

Jasper is a good stone to use in a medicine pouch or grid when one is working on healing, as it is a sustaining stone.  It is also credited with helping one to maintain a positive attitude.

These Pyramids come with a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card which makes them wonderful for gifting to yourself or a friend.

Each one has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

The extra-small pyramids measure between 23mm and 25mm and the small size measure between 25mm and 28mm.

The tumbled mookaite are offered separately.

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